Precise machine hourly rates as the foundation for operating a machine shop economically

Free machine hourly rate calculator for manufacturing companies

With the new Machine Hourly Rate Calculator Spanflug offers a free online tool to calculate the hourly rates for machining, set-up and programming for machine tools. With the calculator, machining companies and mechanical engineering companies with in-house manufacturing can precisely calculate their machine hourly rates, thus providing an essential foundation for well-founded quoting and operational profitability.

Practical online tool for manufacturing companies

The new Spanflug machine hourly rate calculator can be used for a wide range of cutting, abrasive, forming and shaping machines and is available at free of charge.

Users enter all necessary manufacturing overheads, such as machine runtimes, expenses and operating costs, programming and labor costs in an intuitive input mask. The tool immediately calculates the machine hourly rates for set-up, programming and production as a full cost calculation or alternatively as a contribution margin.

The results from the online tool can then be used to calculate prices and create customer quotes in Spanflug Make The end-to-end quoting solution multiplies the manufactruing times analyzed there with the machine hourly rate in order to calculate the manufacturing costs of parts.

More certainty when calculating prices

The machine hourly rate indicates the cost of using a machine per hour and is an important economic parameter for all companies with manufacturing machine tools. However, calculating the ideal machine hourly rate is a challenge for many companies. Both, a too high and a too low value can have considerable consequences and quickly lead to unprofitability or even financial losses for orders. The effortless and correct calculation of the ideal machine hourly rate using the online tool from Spanflug therefore offers the following advantages:

  • Job profitability and operating cost recovery: The ideal machine hourly rate is an important foundation for calculating quoteting prices for parts profitably and for covering operating costs with the calculated prices. Among other things, this helps companies to avoid losses and ensure the expected margins.
  • Confident quoting: Machine shops can set competitive prices without jeopardizing their profitability. This builds confidence in the pricing structure and shows confidence in the marketplace.
  • Avoidance of miscalculations that might lead to insolvency: Miscalculations on large orders and miscalculations on machine investments can always carry the risk of insolvency. Accurately calculating the ideal machine hourly rate, therefore contributes to the financial stability of the company and creates the basis for long-term success.
Calculating machine hourly rates for set-up, programming and production - effortlessly, fast and free of charge.
Compact, practical tool - huge impact on competitiveness

"With the machine hourly rate calculator we are offering another free online tool for manufacturing companies in addition to the fit calculator we launched earlier this year. The demand for the new service is already very high. The potential of the online calculator to positively influence the competitiveness and profitability of our users is huge. We thus provide the basis for an economic price calculation of parts," Dr. Markus Westermeier, managing director and co-founder of Spanflug, proudly explains. "The calculated machine hourly rates can be used, for example, in our quotation solution Spanflug Make to optimize the calculation of quoting prices."

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