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Spanflug Technologies GmbH is a technology company from Munich and provider of a manufacturing platform for CNC turning and milling parts. It is our goal to make the manufacturing of individual drawing parts as quick and easy as possible for customers as well as for suppliers, thus forming the digital backbone of an efficiently networked manufacturing industry.

Spanflug Buy offers customers a fast, automated procurement process from immediate quotation to delivery on the desired date. The parts are manufactured by qualified suppliers in Germany and Austria via a network of over 5,000 CNC machines.

Spanflug Make enables manufacturing companies in the machining sector to make their administrative processes more efficient, from the preparation of quotations to purchasing, so they can concentrate on their core competence in machining.

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Technology as the key to fast, efficient processes

On the Spanflug platform, we provide the technological infrastructure to efficiently dovetail supply and demand across multiple stages of the supply chain, making the procurement of manufacturing parts as simple as catalog items. Through our technology-leading CAD analysis and manufacturing planning algorithm, we can effectively automate the administrative processes related to manufacturing of virtually any turning and milling part: From pricing to material procurement to selecting the perfect machine with free capacity.

oth purchasing and manufacturing companies benefit from these efficient, digital processes. Administrative efforts are reduced and the companies can concentrate on their core tasks. Our customers gain access to flexibly scalable manufacturing capacities and gain agility. Our partners can improve the utilization of their production, balance out fluctuations and build up an additional, attractive source of revenue.

Our customers gain access to flexibly scalable manufacturing capacities and gain agility. Our partners can improve the utilization of their production, balance out fluctuations and build up an additional, attractive source of revenue.

CAD analysis and calculation


Dr. Adrian Lewis

Managing Director Software Development
(Left in picture)

Adrian Lewis completed his PhD in experimental particle physics at the University of Oxford in 2014. The focus of his work was to evaluate the large amount of data recorded at the ATLAS detector (LHC, CERN) to make a precise measurement of the probability of production (effective cross section) of W/Z bosons in proton-proton collisions. After his PhD, he worked as a software engineer at Brainlab and Cognostics. Since founding Spanflug, he has been responsible for software architecture, web development, and dev-ops. What interests him about Spanflug is the interface between mechanical engineering and computer science. Above all, he is excited by the possibility of using intelligent algorithms to make processes in the manufacturing industry more efficient.

Dr.-Ing. Markus Westermeier

Managing Director Manufacturing Technology & Sales
(Right in picture)

Markus Westermeier completed his doctorate at the Institute of Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb) at TUM in 2016, where he headed the department of Cutting Machine Tools. In addition, he has experience as managing director of a manufacturing company, comprehensive production know-how and a broad network in production engineering. At Spanflug he is responsible for manufacturing and sales. Markus Westermeier was instrumental in developing the idea for founding Spanflug when he was confronted with the inefficient procurement process both as a customer and as a manufacturing service provider and recognized the potential for both customers and suppliers.


The Founder Story

Spanflug is a spin-off from the Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management (iwb) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Markus Westermeier had the original idea for Spanflug while working as the managing director of a contract manufacturer. Together with Johannes Schmalz, he further developed this idea to found Spanflug after completing his doctorate at the iwb. When it came to the concrete implementation and development of the software, Adrian Lewis, an experienced and versatile software developer, could be won as a further member for the founding team.

Immediately after its founding in January 2018, Spanflug participated in the Xpreneurs program and has since been supported by the start-up network of UnternehmerTUM and the Initiative for Industrial Innovators. The German Machine Tool Builders' Association (VDW) has been involved in Spanflug since 2020. 

We are currently working with 40 colleagues to realize our vision: the digitally networked supply chain for production parts.

You want to actively shape our growth strategy and drive the digitalization of the manufacturing industry with us? Then join our team!

Order turning parts and milling parts online

Spanflug Buy

You want to order turning and milling parts easily online? Upload your CAD data and drawings, get instant quotes and order online. We manufacture your parts via our network of more than 5,000 CNC machines and deliver them on the desired date starting from 6 working days.
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Spanflug Make

You are a contract manufacturer and want to make your business fit for the digital future? You want to calculate quote prices and manufacturing times for turning and milling parts more efficiently? With Spanflug Make  you can easily get started to digitize your quoting processes free of charge.