Manufacturing partner for turned parts and milled parts

Your advantages as a manufacturing partner for turned parts and milled parts

Real orders - no offers and no auctions

  • As a manufacturing partner for turned parts and milled parts, you receive orders from Spanflug without having to write quotations.
  • We do the sales and acquire the orders. You get all the information you need to process an order and ship the parts.
  • If the order fits your production plan, simply press "Accept order".
  • We don't waste your valuable time with offers that lead to no orders.

No cost for you

  • The Spanflug service is free of charge for you as a manufacturing partner.
  • There are no registration fees, no membership fees, and no service fees with us.
  • The only thing you need to invest at the beginning is a manageable amount of time for
    1. an audit to see if your operation meets our requirements
    2. the coordination of our processes for a smooth cooperation

No obligations - one contract partner

  • We will send you proposals for orders that suit you. You decide for yourself whether to accept the orders at the proposed price and the requested delivery date.
  • We are your contractual partner for the entire order and pay no later than 20 working days after invoicing.

More efficiency

  • Through Spanflug, you receive more orders, even from regions and customers that you could not reach with your sales until now. Your payment is secured by Spanflug, so you don't have to worry about payment defaults with new customers.
  • You select the orders that suit you best and thus achieve higher utilization of your machines, can reduce set-up times and lower storage costs.
  • We only forward orders with complete information to you. Coordination efforts with customers are eliminated.
  • You can reduce your sales effort and lower your administrative costs through streamlined communication with Spanflug.
  • Spanflug makes it easy for you to specialize in the sub-segments, materials and quantity ranges that your company can best serve. You can also place orders with Spanflug as a manufacturing partner, allowing you to focus on your manufacturing portfolio.

Long-term partnership

  • We want to create win-win situations and enter into long-term relationships at eye level.
  • An open, honest and friendly approach is particularly important to us.
  • We are within reach for you. Our employees are happy to be your contact for all your questions and concerns.

Manufacturing in Germany - Quality "Made in Germany

  • Manufacturing in Germany is a major concern for us. We see ourselves as a partner of craftsmen and contract manufacturers and ensure fair payment with our pricing policy.
  • Parts of Spanflug are produced in Germany and not placed in countries where working conditions are worse or pay is lower.
  • We aim to service orders through locally based companies wherever possible, thereby reducing transportation and environmental impact.

Become our partner with your manufacturing company

Our requirements

  • Production location: Germany
  • They offer CNC turning and CNC milling.
  • Your company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 or has established a comparable quality management system.
  • We will discuss the further course of the admission process with you personally.