Cast iron milling and turning

Cast iron is an iron alloy with a high content of carbon and silicon. Cast iron has a lower density than steel, better corrosion resistance as well as higher thermal conductivity.

Surface treatments for cast iron turning and milling parts

After turning and milling, cast iron components are often subjected to heat treatment. For this purpose, you can choose from the common processes in our online shop.

This is how easy it is to order cast iron turning and milling parts from Spanflug:

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Cast iron turning part

Our cast iron alloys


Material costs: €€€

Manufacturing costs: €€€€€

Tensile strength: 250 - 300 N/mm²

Hardness: 180 - 250 HB

EN-GJL-250 is a cast iron with lamellar graphite. This alloy is particularly characterized by good damping properties, advantageous self-lubricating properties and good thermal conductivity.

hardenable good thermal conductivity self-lubricating
vibration damping

Note: The data given are guide values and may vary depending on the machining process and parts. The specifications cannot be transferred to finished parts without further ado. The suitability of the materials for a specific part must be checked by the customer.