10 tips on how to make the most of the online shop

How to use the full potential of the Spanflug Shop

With our 10 tips, you will learn how you can calculate entire assemblies quickly and easily with our batch upload or how you can reduce the costs for your parts by selecting unmachined surfaces. Get the full potential out of our online shop

1. Use the batch upload

Shorten the upload process by selecting and uploading multiple parts (files) at the same time. The technical drawing and the CAD model are automatically matched. This allows you to process assemblies quickly and efficiently, for instance.

2. How to speed up the repeat orders of your parts

Reload parts that you have already ordered from the part archive into the configurator and reorder them quickly and easily.

3. Use "Unmachined surfaces"

Select surfaces of your part that have no special surface requirements and can therefore remain unmachined. Spanflug's price calculation takes this into account in the manufacturing process and calculates lower manufacturing costs.

4. Design only the core hole for your threads

To make the analysis of your part much faster, do not model the thread in the STEP. The design of the core hole is sufficient. Like this your part is analyzed much faster.

5. Upload a technical drawing

If possible, always upload a technical drawing in addition to your CAD data. The technical drawing is machine-readable in the best case. Relevant features such as fits and threads are read out automatically. This will lead to a more precise price calculation for your CNC parts.

Technical drawing

6. Optimize your data management in the archive

Simplify your part management by organizing your parts into folders in the archive.

7. Request individual quotes for large shopping carts

Take advantage of the possibility to request an individually optimized quotation for larger shopping carts, from 5,000 € or from 200 pieces. Simply place your request via the configurator in the online shop.

8. Individual quotes for special requirements

Even if you have special materials, special post-treatments or other special requirements, we will provide you with an individual quote. Simply place your request via the configurator in the online shop.

9. Use the possibility to export a PDF and forward it to your purchasing department for ordering

If you need a quote in PDF format, then add all the required parts to the shopping cart. Then go to your shopping cart and have a quote in PDF format created there. You can then download the PDF and forward it. 

10. Delivery on the desired date

Have your parts delivered on the requested date. In the delivery time calendar you can see on which date and at which price the parts can be delivered. All selected post-treatments and manufacturing steps are taken into account.

Delivery time calendar
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Spanflug Buy

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