Frequently asked questions about how to become a partner

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to become our partner with your manufacturing company.

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to assist you. You can reach us at +49 (0)89 / 21555438 0 or


 You have your production site in Germany or Austria.

 They are specialized in CNC turning or CNC milling.

 Your company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.

 You are open to digital processes and want to make your company fit for the future.

You can start the application process directly from your account at Spanflug Make launch.

No, the use of Spanflug Make as a manufacturing partner is free of charge. You will be paid for each completed order, without deduction of commissions, system fees or membership fees.

There are no auctions on Spanflug and you do not have to write quotes. If there is a suitable order on the Spanflug platform, we will inform you. You will receive all the information you need to process an order and ship the parts. If the order fits your production schedule, simply click "Accept Order". We don't waste your valuable time with offers that go nowhere.
After delivery of the parts, you can upload the invoice in the supplier portal. Payment by Spanflug is then made within 30 days (net). This makes payment defaults a thing of the past.

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Order turning parts and milling parts online

Spanflug Buy

You want to order turing and milling parts easily online? Upload CAD data and drawings, get instant quotes and order online. We manufacture your components via our network of more than 5,000 CNC machines and deliver them on the desired date from 6 working days.

CNC manufacturing

Spanflug Make

You are a contract manufacturer and want to make your business fit for the digital future? With Spanflug Make you can get started with the digitalization of your processes from quotation costing to material purchasing free of charge and without complications and apply to become a manufacturing partner.