CNC turning parts now also available in large quantities

The manufacturing platform Spanflug now offers the possibility to order turning parts online, even for large series of up to 200,000 pieces. Until now this was limited to 1,000 parts. The key technology of the Munich-based startup is an algorithm that evaluates highly complex turning and milling parts in terms of their manufacturability in just a few seconds and calculates a precise, market-driven price at which customers can order directly.

"The development of our algorithm is a continuous process. Over the past few years, we have optimized and refined it on the basis of over 60,000 components," explains CEO and co-founder Dr. Markus Westermeier. "As a result, we can now offer reliable prices in line with the market for turning parts, even for large quantities."

Spanflug offers two ways to get precise quotation prices quickly and easily: The online shop offers the ability to get an instant price for custom CNC parts in 40 materials and with 20 post-treatments and order directly. This automated process was only available for orders of up to 1,000 pieces so far. The range has now been significantly expanded: turning parts up to 36 mm in diameter are available for up to 200,000 pieces, turning parts up to 65 mm in diameter can be ordered for up to 50,000 pieces, and mill-turningparts for up to 20,000 pieces. In addition customers can start a digital tender for quantities above 1,000 and receive individual quotations within 48 hours.