Marking CNC parts

From now on we deliver your CNC parts with marking on request. We can now also process part marking in the automatic quotation calculation. If you would like to have your parts marked, laser marking and engraving by milling are available for this purpose. We can apply part numbers and other alphanumeric characters based on the CAD model or technical drawing. For laser marking with more complex lettering such as logos, you can send us a DXF file. You can find these options in the online shop under "Surface treatment and coating".

Laser marking

In laser marking, the surface of the workpiece is discolored with the aid of a laser beam. Due to the high shaping freedom of the process, logos and other symbols can be applied in addition to alphanumeric characters. To carry out the laser marking of your components, we ask you to provide a DXF file.

Engraving by milling

Marking the components directly in the milling process is carried out using small end mills or special engraving tools, depending on the requirements. The process is particularly suitable for alphanumeric characters, which are included in the technical drawing or the CAD model.

We offer over 20 post-treatment procedures.