Quoting solution now enables calculation with castings and other near-net-shape stocks

Spanflug MAKE supports resource-saving and more economical manufacturing

In Spanflug MAKE machine shops can now include custom, near-net-shape stock geometries in the automated quote calculation. This means that users can now also calculate manufacturing times and costs for preforms that are manufactured using other processes, such as casting, injection molding, 3D printing and laser cutting, and are then further machined by turning and milling.

Spanflug MAKE is the first solution available on the market that can automatically calculate not only standard stocks such as bars and plates, but also individual, near-net-shape stocks. The new functionality thus supports a resource-efficient and overall more economical manufacturing of parts.

Calculating with castings and other near-net-shape preforms

For the resource-efficient manufacturing of custom machined parts, companies often use so-called near-net-shape stock, which they then further process using substractive machining methods. Compared to solid plates or bars made from raw material, these offer many advantages, especially for more complex geometries, large quantities or particularly large parts. They are manufactured in by for example casting , 3D printing or laser cutting. As the preform is very close to the target geometry, machining companies can save material and costs during subsequent turning and milling operations. The finished parts are also ready for delivery more quickly - a benefit for both the machine shop and their industrial customers.

With the latest version of Spanflug MAKE the technology company is expanding its quotation software to include such near-net-shape stocks in its calculation of precise prices and manufacturing times for parts.

Intuitive upload and automated calculation

In the calculation software, users can now upload the CAD model of a custom stock and then automatically calculate the finishing turning and milling operations as usual. Only the volumes and surfaces to be machined are taken into account in the calculation.

In order to visualize how the finished part is positioned in the stock for the calculation, the 3D viewer in Spanflug MAKE has been extended. In addition, Spanflug has created an intuitive option for the secure upload of custom stock geometries. 

Demo video: Calculating with near-net-shape stock in Spanflug MAKE

Economical and sustainable manufactruing

"The possibility to Spanflug MAKE to calculate with individual, near-net-shape stocks is a real game changer," says Dr. Markus Westermeier, CEO and co-founder of Spanflug. "The benefits for our users are enormous. Machine shops can now seamlessly integrate cast parts and stocks from 3D printing into our quotation solution and also determine the most economical sequence of manufactruing steps for each part."

The new function thus also expands the possible applications of Spanflug MAKE considerably. This allows users to create quotes for parts needed in automotive, toolmaking and special machine construction even faster and more precisely. Economical and even more resource-efficient machining also helps to increase the competitiveness of the contract manufacturers and their customers.

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