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Spanflug Technologies, a startup from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), is the first online manufacturer to offer a fully automated ordering process for CNC parts (turning and milling). In Spanflug's online shop, users can instantly calculate prices for custom manufactured CNC parts and order them directly.

 For the price calculation, the user uploads a CAD model (STEP file) of the part to be manufactured in the online shop and selects the desired material, quantity (1 - 1000) and delivery date. In addition, the customer has the option of uploading a technical drawing in PDF format, from which information on individual manufacturing tolerances, fits, threads and surfaces is automatically read. This allows functional parts with high technical requirements to be taken into account. With the help of an algorithm, the platform calculates a quotation price in a few seconds, at which customers can order the parts directly.
Spanflug Online Shop
The benefits are obvious: the time and effort spent on inquiries and waiting for quotes from suppliers is eliminated. The quotation process is reduced from often several days to one minute. The required part is delivered - if necessary - within 10 days. Spanflug's goal is to meet the ever shorter development and product life cycles in this way and to reduce the ancillary procurement costs for CNC milling and turning parts.

Only qualified suppliers in Germany, who are subject to a comprehensive quality audit in advance, manufacture the components. As an online manufacturer, Spanflug is the single point of contact and contract partner. "Our configurator offers our customers an independent, precise price calculation - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week," says Spanflug Managing Director Markus Westermeier. For questions or to clarify special requirements, Spanflug employees can be reached at any time by e-mail or telephone.

Suppliers can accept manufacturing orders for turning and milling parts from Spanflug at the click of a button and load them into their manufacturing at short notice. Spanflug provides manufacturing companies with a digital sales channel without them having to expend their own resources. The often time-consuming preparation of quotations is eliminated, manufacturing facilities are better utilized, and order processing and manufacturing processes are made more efficient.

Spanflug Technologies GmbH was founded in January 2018 by Dr. Markus Westermeier (Managing Director Manufacturing and Sales) and Dr. Adrian Lewis (Managing Director Software Development). The startup deliberately specialized initially in the field of CNC manufacturing (turning and milling). While working in sales for a manufacturing company, Markus Westermeier experienced the often inefficient procurement process first-hand and developed the basic idea for Spanflug from this experience. The price calculation for CNC turning and milling parts is often complex. As a rule, there are many possible solutions for manufacturing a component, all of which involve very different levels of effort. In order to find the most efficient way to manufacture customer-specific components, a lot of empirical knowledge is required. "Based on our many years of know-how in CNC manufacturing, we have succeeded in developing an algorithm that reliably calculates prices in line with the market. Our goal is to make our customers as well as our suppliers more competitive for the future and to arrive at a pricing that is fair for both sides," describes Markus Westermeier. After several months of development and a comprehensive test phase with selected customers, the Spanflug Shop now available online.

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