Material costs: €€€€€

Tensile strength: 42 N/mm²

POM-C ESD is characterized by electrical conductivity in addition to the advantages of regular POM-C. The "ESD" indicates that the plastic protects against electrostatic charging.

good gliding properties
electrical conductivity
Protection against electrostatic charge
very good mechanical properties
good creep resistance
very good machinability

PET white / black

Material costs: €€€€

Tensile strength white: 79 N/mm²
Tensile strength black: 91 N/mm²

PET white is characterized by its good machinability and high toughness. The plastic is also widely used due to its good sliding and friction properties, as well as its excellent chemical resistance.

PET black has, in addition to the properties listed above, increased UV protection.

good chemical resistance
High toughness
very high strength
High stiffness
Good welding and bonding properties
good sliding and friction properties
good machinability
increased UV protection (PET black)


Material costs: €€€€€

Tensile strength: 83 N/mm²

PPS GF40 is a polyphenylene sulfide reinforced with 40% glass fiber. The material is characterized on the mechanical side by its strength and stiffness, but also by its chemical resistance and excellent thermal properties.

very good chemical resistance
High strength
High stiffness
very good thermal properties
High creep resistance

Note: The data given are guide values and may vary depending on the machining process and part. The data cannot be transferred to finished parts without further ado. The suitability of the materials for a specific part must be checked by the customer.

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