Spanflug Make: Automated quotation costing for CNC fabricators

Calculate quote prices for turning parts and milling parts in 1 minute.

With Spanflug Make you do the price calculation for turned parts and milled parts with a few mouse clicks. You can register and calculate prices for CNC parts without further installation and your own data stock. Simply register for free, upload your CAD model (STEP) and start right away. 

calculation software Spanflug for Manufacturers

This is how you benefit from automated costing:

Spanflug for Manufacturers: Calculation for CNC manufacturers

This is how it works

Automatic price calculation based on CAD models and technical drawings

The price calculation with Spanflug Make is done on the basis of a CAD model (STEP) and optionally a technical drawing (PDF) of your CNC part. All data relevant for the calculation are automatically read out from the CAD file and the drawing. Manual entries are not necessary. Within seconds, you will receive a costing proposal with a detailed breakdown of the estimated costs, which you can adjust individually if necessary. The calculation is based on the Spanflug algorithm, which has been tested on thousands of parts, and is subject to continuous further development. 

Optimization of the calculation for your machine park

You have the possibility to register your machines for turning, milling and grinding in your account at Spanflug Make and thus adapt the price calculation to your operation. You can also use the software with the standard machines without making individual configurations.


Machine tools

Individual calculation settings

In addition to the machine park, you can customize the following calculation settings for your machine shop:

  • Cutting values
  • Cost of materials
  • Set-up costs
  • Margin
  • Overheads

Manage and export your offers

You can add the automatically calculated quotation prices to a quotation and then select it from Spanflug Make to your ERP system. Furthermore, you can archive parts, calculations and offers and retrieve them for subsequent inquiries.
Cost breakdown of different parts

What our customers say

Prices and subscriptions

Spanflug Make is a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution. You can start immediately without a high initial investment for software licenses or your own hardware. You can run estimates of five components per month with Spanflug Make. In addition, the software can be used as a monthly or annual subscription for unlimited calculations.

Free of charge

  • Full version
  • Free of charge
  • Cancellable monthly
  • Up to 2 users (floating license)
  • 14 days unlimited calculations, then 5 per month
  • Online tutorials and FAQs

Pro | Monthly plan

  / month
  • Full version
  • monthly billing
  • Cancellable monthly
  • Up to 2 users (floating license)
  • Unlimited calculations
  • Support by phone or e-mail according to GTC
  • Starter kit: Onboarding with an expert

Pro | Annual subscription

  / year
  • Full version
  • annual accounting
  • Annually cancellable
  • Up to 2 users (floating license)
  • Unlimited calculations
  • Support by phone or e-mail according to GTC
  • Starter kit: Onboarding with an expert

Tailor-made for CNC production

Spanflug Make has been developed based on our extensive expertise in CNC manufacturing and offers you the full technical range of Spanflug. Get started right away with free automated calculation with Spanflug Make. 

What we are offering

Any questions?

We are always available for any questions or an individual product demonstration. 

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