With Spanflug parts to Mars

Spanflug supports STAR Dresden with CNC parts for the Mars Rover "ELECTRA".

STAR Dresden, the student spaceflight working group of the TU Dresden, is currently developing the Mars rover "ELECTRA" for participation in the "European Rover Challenge".

The ERC Space and Robotics is the largest international robotics and space competition in Europe and will take place in Kielce (Poland) in September. As part of the competition, the university teams' Mars robots must perform tasks that are comparable to the requirements for the rovers on the surface of Mars and the moon.

We are pleased to support Star Dresden with CNC parts for the Mars rover. The sponsored parts are the suspension of the steering of the rover. Here, the parts transfer the entire weight force of the rover to the landing gear and into the ground.

STAR Dresden sponsored by Spanflug
We wish the team continued success with their project and are excited to see the outcome of the competition in September.