More than 20 post-treatments for turning parts and milling parts available online

Users of the Spanflug platform can now choose from more than 20 post-treatment processes for their turning and milling parts and get instant quotes with price and delivery time at the click of a mouse.

Spanflug Technologies has decisively expanded its offering on the Spanflug manufacturing platform, offering a selection of the 20 most common surface and heat treatments as well as coatings, e.g. anodizing, burnishing, hardening, galvanizing and many more. The user uploads a CAD model and optionally a technical drawing of the part and simply selects the material, the desired post-treatments and the delivery date. Within seconds, he receives the price and can place the order immediately. Spanflug delivers the parts ready to go directly to the customer on the desired date. If the post-treatments are stored in the technical drawing, they are already evaluated during the part analysis and automatically taken into account in the price calculation.

Post-treatments for turning parts and milling parts

"For parts with post-treatments, the classic quotation process is particularly laborious and lengthy, often taking a week or more, as the manufacturing plant usually has to request price and delivery time from appropriate sub-suppliers. Our goal is to make this interaction between customers and manufacturing companies as efficient as possible. Particularly for complex parts with many work steps, we can offer a significant gain in time and efficiency with the Spanflug platform," says Managing Director Dr. Markus Westermeier.

In the configurator on the platform, the customer can immediately see which materials and post-treatment processes can be combined with each other. In this way, he can find the optimum configuration for his part with just a few clicks and without lengthy queries. For special requirements, such as gold-plating, customers can start an individual inquiry and receive a quote within 48 hours.

Spanflug provides instant quotes for Turing and milling parts made of more than 40 materials on its online platform. Turning parts can be ordered up to a diameter of 500 mm and a length of 750 mm, and milling parts up to 3,000 mm x 2,000 mm x 200 mm can be ordered fully automatically. "This gives us a unique offering in the field of turning and milling by international standards, and we can handle virtually all of our customers' manufacturing orders as a central partner for CNC machining."

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