5 ways Spanflug can support you in optimizing your part cost


Many companies are already looking for smart solutions to optimize part costs during product development - and not just in response to increasing cost pressure. The potential here is particularly great for individually designed drawing parts. SMEs usually have neither a cost engineering team people nor sophisticated and investment-intensive design-to-cost software at their disposal. They can either use a rough cost estimate or use a lengthy coordination process between design, purchasing and contract manufacturers. 

 Especially for companies in this situation, the manufacturing platform of Spanflug provides an efficient approach to optimize part costs. Spanflug offers much more than instant quotes with market-driven prices and delivery times. Numerous field-proven value-added functions support designers and buyers right from the development phase. 

So how exactly can Spanflug support here?

1. optimize part cost already during the design phase
During the development phase, Spanflug allows you to determine instant prices and delivery times of your components based on CAD models in just 1 minute. Whether surfaces, material or tolerances - the effect of each design iteration on the costs can be checked independently by the designer with just a few clicks. The time-consuming process of requesting quotes from suppliers is eliminated. As a designer, you can independently determine the cost-optimal part configuration and thus have maximum influence on the price of the end product.
Part cost optimization with Spanflug - the impact of each design iteration on costs can be checked with just a few clicks.
2. procure custom machined parts as easily as catalog items

Once the ideal configuration has been found, you can easily save the articles under a unique article number for the parts list and transfer them to purchasing for ordering. This means that individual turning and milling parts can be ordered just as quickly and easily as catalog items. Your purchasers are relieved, frictional losses in communication are avoided and the procurement process becomes more efficient.

3. the right manufacturer for every part thanks to distributed manufacturing
Especially in the development phase, suitable suppliers may not yet be available for all parts. The search for new partners who deliver quality on time at the best price is often difficult, especially for small pre-series lot sizes. This is where Spanflug, with its wide technical bandwidth and distributed manufacturing network, offers an immediate solution. Research, initiation and coordination for new suppliers are eliminated - Spanflug is your only business partner, which streamlines supplier management enormously.
4. thinking and planning in the product life cycle
Spanflug supports you in thinking and planning throughout the entire product life cycle. Scale prices for later series manufacturing can be requested just as quickly as quotations for very small volumes. This gives you a full overview of the potential cost savings. Thanks to the clear presentation of prices for different delivery time options, you can also plan for the costs of time-critical spare parts for your products as early as the design phase. 
5. efficiently procure large part packages
Using the batch upload, inquiry packages with several parts can be processed simultaneously and prices for them can be determined efficiently. Technical drawings are automatically assigned to the corresponding CAD model. Thanks to the wide technical range of turning and milling parts made of over 50 materials with more than 30 post-treatments, you can coordinate the production of entire assemblies from a single source with Spanflug.

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