Online shop for CNC parts off to a good start: Already more than 1,000 users registered with Spanflug

The online shop for CNC parts from online manufacturer Spanflug Technologies has met with a positive response and has gained more than 1,000 users in recent months. There have also been technical improvements: users now receive an automated price for 90 percent of their inquiries, at which they can order online immediately.

Spanflug's shop has been online since the end of 2018 and already has more than 1,000 registered users who have requested over 15,000 prices for CNC components. In the meantime, Spanflug receives several orders a day via the online shop, which are manufactured via the Germany-wide supplier network.

CNC parts in online store

Optimized price calculation

"The feedback from our users over the past weeks has been an important help for us to further develop Spanflug in line with the target group," says Managing Director Adrian Lewis, who founded the online platform together with Markus Westermeier. "Among other things, we have improved automatic component recognition so that we can evaluate even more CAD files and process parts with low wall thickness." In addition, the Munich-based online fabricator has optimized the price calculation for stainless steel components and for large quantities. "As a result, our users now immediately receive the automated price for 90 percent of their inquiries, at which they can order the parts directly," describes Markus Westermeier, the managing director responsible for sales. "Even though we are not yet able to cover 100 percent of all inquiries fully automatically, we are very satisfied with the current status of our algorithm in view of the complexity involved in calculating the price of CNC parts. The feedback from our users is also very positive."
For inquiries that cannot yet be processed automatically, users now have the option of requesting an individual quote directly from the shop, which they usually receive by e-mail within a day. The data already entered is transferred to the sales department at the click of a mouse.


More materials and larger parts
Over the next few months, Spanflug will be expanding its offering in the CNC machining in the online shop. In particular, additional materials will be included and even larger parts will be covered. Spanflug is supported by the Initiative for Industrial Innovators. This is a cross-border funding initiative that aims to support up to 2,000 disruptive deep-tech teams and early-stage startups through its rapid funding tools. The Spanflug Shop can be reached at

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