Webinar: Operational make-or-buy decisions for production parts with real-time data

How to determine in-house and outsourced costs within seconds with Spanflug.

In-house production and outsourcing of production parts in mechanical engineering each offer advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the scenario, different criteria come to the fore which make one or the other variant more attractive. Not always in everyday operations the best decision immediately obvious. A variety of factors such as price, production capacity, material availability, etc. have to be taken into account in order to achieve an effective production process.ch sound decision, which is not always feasible, especially under time pressure in the development phase.

Destination of our Webinars with IndustryArena is to show decision-makers in production planning how to ofo be able to use modern software solutions to make the best decision in a given situation based on data.n. It is shown like intelligent Algorithms and networkedte data help you can, with little effort and very quickly, the necessary database to createn. By mouse click can components within a few seconds based on the CAD model and the drawingnung at ihre manufacturability tested, The manufacturing steps necessary for production and Machines analyzed and the resulting production times and costs calculated become. Material cost can be precisely determined on the basis of real-time data. An the light of these results can very quickly exceed the cost of in-house production can be determined.

Digital manufacturing platforms, in turn, use comparable methods to quickly and efficiently determine prices and delivery times for third-party production via the connected contract manufacturers. In the case of external production, the order can be placed on the appropriate machine in the network with just a few clicks. In this way, the finished parts are often available more quickly than with internal production.  

 If both methods are combined, decision-makers quickly receive valid information as a basis for their decisions and do not have to rely on estimates - even under time pressure.  

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