EVO and Spanflug enter into technology partnership

From CAD model to order with just a few clicks

EVO Informationssysteme and Spanflug Technologies are now cooperating to generate quotations in the ERP system as quickly as possible from design data of turning and milling parts. The cooperation partners now offer manufacturing companies seamless integration of data from the "Spanflug for Manufacturers" calculation software and the "EVOcompetition" ERP system. With Spanflug, CNC manufacturing companies calculate quotation prices for complex turning and milling parts based on CAD models and technical drawings with just a few mouse clicks. By linking the two systems, users can use the calculation results, such as scale prices and material usage, for quotation preparation and in order processing. They receive reproducible data and save the manual entry of data in the ERP/PPS system with only roughly estimated processing times for a parts.

The price calculation with "Spanflug Make" is fully automated and supported by artificial intelligence. The user uploads the CAD model and optionally the technical drawing to Spanflug. All relevant characteristics such as dimensions, materials or manufacturing processes are automatically evaluated. Based on this data, production times and prices are determined in a few seconds with the help of an algorithm. The employee checks the costing proposal and transfers the data via the interface to the ERP system EVOcompetition. Based on the master data generated, the team can efficiently create quotations in a matter of seconds and submit them to the customer. 

Spanflug for Manufacturers & EVO ERP system
Through the interface, the data obtained with Spanflug can be processed quickly and efficiently in the ERP system.

With the help of the two solutions, manufacturing companies can accelerate the entire quotation process and respond to customer inquiries significantly faster. "By connecting Spanflug's innovative calculation solution, we help our customers to calculate more soundly and once again increase the speed of the quotation process through the algorithms in the software," explains Jürgen Widmann, Managing Director of EVO Informationssysteme GmbH.

"In EVO, we have found an ideal partner with whom we can offer a solution for connecting our calculation to an ERP system that really works out-of-the-box," says Dr. Markus Westermeier, Managing Director of Spanflug Technologies GmbH. "Via EVO's systems, the data obtained with Spanflug can be digitally processed and used throughout the entire value-added process in the company," adds Jürgen Widmann.

Transparent data as a basis for further optimization

Both partners would like to further expand the technology cooperation. In the future, further data from the calculation will be transferred to EVO's systems, such as the manufacturing sequence and the selected machine tools and tools. Based on this data, work preparation can be simplified and accelerated. For example, work planners are supported in selecting the optimum machine and CAM programmers receive suggestions for suitable tools. "This cooperation clearly demonstrates how Industry 4.0 can generate real added value for manufacturing companies in all areas of order processing, from quotation to production," says Markus Westermeier.

About EVO

EVO Informationssysteme GmbH in Durlangen was founded in 1997 with the aim of advancing the digitalization of companies, especially in the metalworking industry. Today, thousands of users use the modular EVO software solutions to structure and control their internal processes - from order acceptance to purchasing and invoicing (ERP), production planning and control (PPC), quality assurance (QA) and tool management. All modules work on a common platform and can be implemented individually, as required. In this way, EVO paves the way for customers step by step to a highly efficient smart factory. Further information at evo-solutions.com

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