Effective parts procurement thanks to the machining experts at Spanflug

Weppler Filter GmbH is an internationally oriented company with a long tradition. The company was founded in 1935 and is one of the pioneers in precision and microfilter technology.

Claudia Kloßner
Work preparation,
Weppler Filter GmbH

What are the parts ordered from Spanflug used for?

We have fully automated our production in precision and microfilter technology. High precision is required for the parts used in this automation. The materials and surface treatments are very diverse. At Spanflug, we get them all from a single source, which takes a lot of pressure off our supplier management.

What was your experience with Spanflug during the inquiry and ordering process?

We have been ordering from Spanflug for almost two years now and have received well over 1,000 parts. The simple request process is what makes parts procurement so effective.

Compared to the conventional process, does Spanflug reduce your procurement costs, if so, to what extent?

The huge advantage is that you get prices and delivery times immediately and don't have to wait for this information. This allows you to complete the ordering process in one go.

What is your personal experience of the interaction between the digital platform and the personal support provided by the Spanflug team?  

I think it's great that I not only have an online platform at Spanflug, but also a personal customer advisor for all my technical and order-related queries. If the automatic part analysis shows that a part cannot be produced, there is always a machining expert at Spanflug who gives me detailed information about why the part cannot be produced. This still gives me the opportunity to redesign the part. I get this important information quickly and easily over the phone.

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