Precise machine hourly rates as the foundation for operating a machine shop economically

Free machine hourly rate calculator for contract manufacturing With the new machine hourly rate calculator, Spanflug provides a free online tool with which both machining companies and machine manufacturers with in-house production can quickly and easily calculate the production, set-up and programming hourly rate of their machine tools. With its precisely calculated machine hour rates, the tool provides users with an essential basis for setting well-founded offer prices and ensuring profitability. [...]

EMO 2023 preview: End-to-end quoting solution enables CNC machine shops to calculate prices automatically and increase efficiency by up to 90%

End-to-end quoting solution creates more time for manufacturing At EMO 2023, Spanflug will present the expansion of its Spanflug Make costing software into an end-to-end solution for the entire quoting process. By using the software, machining companies can reduce quoting efforts by up to 90 %. New components include the management of customer master data, the generation [...]

Spanflug is partner in the research project EREP

As one of a total of ten partners, Spanflug is participating in the innovative research project EREP, which investigates the possibility of successful remanufacturing through data-based decision making and intelligent process planning. Partners and objectives of the EREP research project Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMFB) and supervised by the Project Management Agency Karlsruhe (PTKA) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the [...]

Easy and free entry into digital processes for machining companies


Spanflug Technologies, operator of the manufacturing platform for turned and milled parts, offers "Spanflug Make", a bundled solution offering for manufacturing companies. Contract manufacturers can radically simplify their administrative processes from quoting to purchasing. The entry into digitization is thus uncomplicated, without costly IT projects and also free of charge. With the aim of simplifying the time-consuming procurement process for production parts as quickly [...]

AMB 2022: Spanflug connects stock suppliers to manufacturing platform

Spanflug Technologies presents the integration of semi-finished product prices and availability "in real time" at the AMB in Stuttgart. Users of the Spanflug platform for turned and milled parts can now access even more precise and up-to-date data. Manufacturing companies also benefit from attractive conditions when purchasing semi-finished products, while purchasers benefit from more favorable prices for components made of specific materials. With the [...]

Automatically calculate grinding of turning and milling parts


Spanflug Technologies presents the calculation software "Spanflug for Finishers" at GrindingHub, the new trade fair for grinding technology (May 17-20, Stuttgart). With this algorithm, users can evaluate turned and milled parts in terms of their manufacturability in just a few seconds and thus calculate a quotation price. In Stuttgart, the company is celebrating a premiere with a new feature: the software now calculates [...]

A reliable partner on the spot

Calculation CNC machining

With Mikutec, Spanflug Technologies receives competent support in Switzerland Spanflug Technologies offers an algorithm with its calculation software "Spanflug for Pavers" that evaluates highly complex turned and milled parts in a few seconds with regard to their manufacturability and thus calculates a quotation price. In order to provide even better support for software customers in Switzerland, the Munich-based company has formed a [...]

Order turning parts and milling parts online

Spanflug Buy

You would like to order individual turning and milling parts simply online? Upload your CAD data and we will calculate an instant quote for you. We manufacture your parts via our network of 5,000 CNC machines and deliver on the desired date from 6 working days.
CNC manufacturing

Spanflug Make

You are a contract manufacturer and want to make your business fit for the digital future? You want to calculate quote prices and manufacturing times for turning and milling parts more efficiently? With Spanflug Make  you can easily get started to digitize your quoting processes free of charge.