Webinar: 10 tips for even more efficient parts procurement with Spanflug BUY

The procurement of turned and milled parts is time-consuming and cost-intensive. With digital manufacturing platforms such as Spanflug BUY, the quotation phase in particular can be significantly accelerated through intelligent automation. But Spanflug BUY offers you even more opportunities to make the procurement process as a whole even more efficient and thus reduce procurement costs. 

In our webinar, we will give you tips on how you can get even more out of Spanflug BUY. Among other things, you will learn how you can calculate entire projects quickly and easily with our multiple upload.

We will also show you how to organize your components, quotations and orders even better and how to use them for repeat orders. You will learn how you can interactively optimize the costs of your procurement order with Spanflug. We will also explain how easily you can integrate Spanflug BUY into your procurement process to speed up approval processes, optimize supplier management and reduce ancillary procurement costs by up to 90 %.

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  • Multiple uploads and graduated prices
  • Cost optimization in the procurement process
  • Management of components, quotations and orders
  • Agreement of individual terms and conditions of purchase
  • Integration into ERP systems for an end-to-end procurement solution
  • Placing more complex project requests
  • Outlook: New functions in Spanflug BUY

Target group

  • Spanflug BUY customers who want to make even better use of the solution
  • Project managers and purchasers who want to procure CNC parts more efficiently
Lucas Giering
Head of Product
Mathias Koppenhöfer
Senior Account Manager

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