Component of the month - May 2021

Our component of the month May is a test head carrier of a mobile hollow shaft testing system from Arxes-tolina. The system is used for non-destructive material testing of installed wheelsets in the railroad sector. The aim of the test is to detect transverse cracks in the wheelset shaft. The probe carrier is used to hold spring-mounted ultrasonic probes and is rotated through the hollow shaft to be inspected by means of a probe drive.

The ultrasonic signals are stored with path and angle accuracy. The transducer carrier is 122.5 mm long, has a diameter of 51 mm and was manufactured from aluminum AlMgSi1. This is a quite demanding turned-milled part with complex clamping and very high material removal.

The illustration also shows the attachments mounted on the probe carrier, which are responsible for holding the probes. These parts were also manufactured by Spanflug.  

The main focus is on tailor-made solutions, which are developed and manufactured customer-specifically in individual or small series.