5 levers that Spanflug Buy uses to reduce component costs

Obtaining price quotations for individual drawing parts and then procuring them from the supplier with the best price-performance ratio and the right machine is time-consuming and cost-intensive. It is therefore worth starting right here. Digital manufacturing platforms such as Spanflug Buy offer powerful levers for reducing the cost of turned and milled parts in order to leverage this potential for cost savings and reduce component costs [...].

Precise machine hourly rates as the foundation for operating a machine shop economically

Free machine hourly rate calculator for contract manufacturing With the new machine hourly rate calculator, Spanflug provides a free online tool with which both machining companies and machine manufacturers with in-house production can quickly and easily calculate the production, set-up and programming hourly rate of their machine tools. With its precisely calculated machine hour rates, the tool provides users with an essential basis for setting well-founded offer prices and ensuring profitability. [...]

The 4 benefits of automated quoting

How to efficiently calculate prices and production times with Spanflug Make and win more profitable orders. Minimize costs and increase efficiency in times of skills shortages - expectations for digital solutions in the manufacturing industry are high. The automation of administrative tasks in particular offers valuable efficiency gains. Implementation here is often much easier than automating manufacturing itself. [...]

Certification of the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015

Spanflug successfully completed ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification in September 2023. The certification by TÜV Süd confirms the ongoing commitment to always provide Spanflug customers with the highest quality and reliability in the manufacturing of their components as well as software solutions. The certificate also underlines that our quality management system complies with international standards and that our [...]

Online seminar: Efficient quoting made easy for machine shops

From CAD model to ready-to-ship quotation in just a few clicks Are you new to automated quotation creation and want to see for yourself how easy it is? This webinar is aimed at machining companies that want to calculate their quotations for turned and milled parts more efficiently and reliably and respond to customer inquiries more quickly. Wednesday, October 25, 202310:00 am Watch recording Target group Managing directors and employees in [...]

Hands free for manufacturing

MTP Maier Technologie in Präzision GmbH relies on Spanflug Make to automatically calculate the quotation price for milled and further machined parts. This relieves the contract manufacturer and reduces the costs for quotation preparation. Read full reference in German here.

Once to the ISS and successfully back: ScienceBoxes from Spanflug production  

Spanflug manufactures aluminum components for space biotech company Yuri GmbH and thus supports scientific research in space When the SpaceX rocket with the CRS-27 capsule lifts off from the legendary Kennedy Space Center in Florida towards the International Space Station (ISS) on March 14, 2023, science projects of the Ueberflieger2 mission will also be on board in aluminum boxes manufactured by Spanflug [...]

Spanflug is partner in the research project EREP

As one of a total of ten partners, Spanflug is participating in the innovative research project EREP, which investigates the possibility of successful remanufacturing through data-based decision making and intelligent process planning. Partners and objectives of the EREP research project Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMFB) and supervised by the Project Management Agency Karlsruhe (PTKA) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the [...]

Order turning parts and milling parts online

Spanflug Buy

You would like to order individual turning and milling parts simply online? Upload your CAD data and we will calculate an instant quote for you. We manufacture your parts via our network of 5,000 CNC machines and deliver on the desired date from 6 working days.
CNC manufacturing

Spanflug Make

You are a contract manufacturer and want to make your business fit for the digital future? You want to calculate quote prices and manufacturing times for turning and milling parts more efficiently? With Spanflug Make  you can easily get started to digitize your quoting processes free of charge.