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With Spanflug Make you can start digitizing your administrative processes easily and free of charge. We offer you solutions that can be implemented quickly and without great effort, and that create real added value for your business from day one.

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You manufacture – we take care of the rest

Spanflug Make offers manufacturing companies in the machining sector the opportunity to radically simplify their administrative processes from quoting to purchasing and to concentrate fully on their core competence in manufacturing.

With our lean, digital processes, you'll quickly gain efficiency, reducing efforts by up to 90%. 

Automated quote calculation

With Spanflug Make you automatically calculate manufacturing times and quotation prices on the basis of CAD models and technical drawings. All characteristics relevant for manufacturing are automatically evaluated. Within a few seconds, you receive a detailed calculation proposal that shows, for example, material costs, setup costs and manufacturing costs. As software-as-a-service, the calculation software can be used immediately without data inventory and configuration.

You can adapt Spanflug Make easily to your operation. This way, you receive customized calculation results based on your machine hour rates. To do this, you enter the data of your machine tools in Spanflug Make . This is fast and easy.

With Spanflug Make you can calculate five parts per month for free.For unlimited calculations, you have the option to use the software as a monthly or annual subscription.

Reliable utilization of production capacities

You want to optimize the utilization of your production? Then become a manufacturing partner at Spanflug. As a registered user at Spanflug Make you can apply to become a manufacturing partner. If you have successfully completed the admission process, receive suitable orders via Spanflug – without writing quotations. This way you can minimize the administrative effort for sales and order processing and optimize the utilization of production. 

Manufacturing partner

Efficient procurement for manufacturing companies

Spanflug Make offers manufacturing companies a solution for fast, efficient procurement of materials and consumables. The stocks and tools required for the manufacturing of a part are automatically evaluated during the part analysis. For some material groups, it is possible to procure the stocks taken into account in the calculation directly via Spanflug.

In addition, you have the possibility to order turning andand milling parts quickly and easily via Spanflug Buy . We are happy to support you if your manufacturing is overloaded or you receive inquiries outside your focus area.

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Order turning parts and milling parts online

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You want to order turning and milling parts easily online? Upload your CAD data and drawings, get instant quotes and order online. We manufacture your parts via our network of more than 5,000 CNC machines and deliver them on the desired date starting from 6 working days.
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Spanflug Make

You are a contract manufacturer and want to make your business fit for the digital future? You want to calculate quote prices and manufacturing times for turning and milling parts more efficiently? With Spanflug Make  you can easily get started to digitize your quoting processes free of charge.