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Efficient purchasing for manufacturing companies

Procure semi-finished products quickly and in line with demand

With Spanflug Make you can procure the semi-finished products you need quickly and in line with your requirements. With our digital process, we take a lot of pressure off you, especially in times of strongly fluctuating prices and availability.

Efficient, digital ordering process

Spanflug Make shows you at every calculation if real time data was used for the material costs. In these cases you can order the semi-finished product quickly and easily via Spanflug. The effort for inquiries to the material supplier is eliminated. This allows you to respond to inquiries more quickly on your part and reduces the effort required for material purchasing.

Prices and availabilities in real time

The semi-finished products and tools required for the production of a component are automatically evaluated during the component analysis. Due to the cooperation with semi-finished product suppliers, our algorithm can access daily updated prices and availabilities for some material groups from the connected partners.

Efficient outsourcing of turned and milled parts

Is your production overloaded or are you receiving inquiries outside your area of focus? With Spanflug Buy procure turned and milled parts from over 50 materials with 30 post-treatments with just a few clicks. We manufacture them through our network of more than 200 partners in Germany and Austria and deliver them on the desired date 6 working days.

Make or Buy?

Not always and not forr each component, in-house manufacturing is the most cost-effective way. With Spanflug, you make make-or-buy decisions with minimal effort. With one click, registered users switch from Spanflug Make at Spanflug Buy and can set your own prices with compare the Spanflug price. This way you will very quickly have all the necessary data to make a qualified make-or-buy decision. If you decide to use an external production, the order is quickly and easily placed in the Spanflug network.

Order turning parts and milling parts online

Spanflug Buy

You want to order turning and milling parts easily online? Upload your CAD data and drawings, get instant quotes and order online. We manufacture your parts via our network of more than 5,000 CNC machines and deliver them on the desired date starting from 6 working days.
CNC manufacturing

Spanflug Make

You are a contract manufacturer and want to make your business fit for the digital future? You want to calculate quote prices and manufacturing times for turning and milling parts more efficiently? With Spanflug Make  you can easily get started to digitize your quoting processes free of charge.